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Updated - Oct, 16,,2017
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Chapter News/Views
OCTOBER 21st MEETING       Our   October   meeting   will   be   a   tour   of      Mr.   Dick Shappy’s   garages   in   Warwick   Neck,   Rhode   Island. This   is   a   few   miles   up   the   road   from   Oakland   Beach, where    we    drove    to    the    beach    during    the    2015 National   Meet.      Mr.   Shappy   has   a   vast   antique   car collection,    which    some    of    these    cars    have    been featured     in     the     movie,     The     Cars     That     Made America.      This   will   be   a   nice   opportunity   for   all   to view.   We   will   follow   up   the   tour   with   an   end   of   year cookout   at   Jake   and   Donna   Testa’s   home,   located   at 1   Pinehaven   Road,   Coventry,   RI.      If   you   plan   on attending     please     R.S.V.P     to     Cris     Bowes          at    or   by   phone   at   401-529-8840     (Rick)    or    401-529-2622    (Cris)    as    we    will    need    a headcount   for   the   tour   and   cookout.   Please   bring   a dessert    and    your    adult    beverages.    Food    will    be supplied by Jake and Donna. **NOTE: We will all be meeting at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Warwick, RI (where we had the Nationals in 2015) at 12:30  and cruise to the Shappy compound together.
2018 REGIONAL FALCON MEET By Cris Bowes As we have mentioned in the last newsletter, Sturbridge Host Hotel will not be available for our next Regional. We had a few issues that made us think of looking elsewhere before we found out it wasn't available. We asked for suggestions about locations and we are exploring a few. At our September meeting we discussed possible locations for our 2018 Regional Meet. I have been asked about the possibility of having it at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick, RI. This was the location of the 2015 National Meet. Our contact at the hotel sent me a proposal that sounds like a good possibility. The nightly rate is $119 and our meal cost will be $36.00 including taxes and fees. They will include breakfast for those who would like it for an additional $20.00 for two people. We also have the option of bringing in donuts and pastries to the hospitality room if we would like to do that. They are not charging us for the use of the rooms for the registration and raffles or for the hospitality room. We may be able to have the cars on the grass but they can't guarantee that until it is closer to the event.